V3 Insurance Partners LLC will appoint insurance producers by product line. All producers will be evaluated based on their responses to the questions on the Producer Application and will be selected by our National Practice Leaders. In those States where insurance companies are required to appoint producers, V3’s carriers will make producer appointments after acceptance by V3.

In order to become an appointed producer, we require the following items:

  • A completed & signed Producer Application.
  • A copy of your E&O Declarations Page including carrier name, policy period, limits and deductible.
  • A copy of: 1) the resident license for the agency and 2) the resident license for your designated responsible producer.
  • For Transportation Lines, in addition to the above, a completed & signed V3 Transportation Supplemental Application.

Product Specific Information:

  • Dealer V3antage®: We are looking for a focused distribution by appointing producers who specialize in dealership business and have existing books of business. For Dealers, we also require a completed & signed Dealer Supplemental Application which can be found below or on the Products / Dealer V3antage® / Add’l Information tab.
  • Vantage360® MPL+ Program: Distribution will be exclusively through the specialized wholesale brokerage community.
  • V3iConnect® Comp: Our portfolio will be produced through selected agents who focus on Internet WC and can commit to an agreed annual premium volume.
Please give us a call at (877) 430-0085 or send an email to with any questions.
We look forward to working with you.